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Jamestown ist eine britische Drama-Fernsehserie, die von Bill Gallagher geschrieben und von Carnival Films, einer NBC Universal International Television Production Company, den Machern von Downton Abbey, produziert wurde. Jamestown: Im Jahre ist es zwölf Jahre her, dass die ersten Siedler aus England ihre amerikanische Kolonie Series 2 (3 DVDs). Die Serie wird bei Carnival Films hergestellt, wo auch der britische Serienhit „​Downton Abbey“ entstand. Hauptfiguren. Rollenbeschreibungen. Jamestown ist eine britische Historienserie aus dem Hause Sky 1, die im Jahr erstmals ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Handlung von Jamestown entführt ins Jahr. Jamestown jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes​, Google Play, Microsoft, Videoload verfügbar. From the producers of Downton.

Jamestown Serie

Alles über die Serie Jamestown, die Serie mit Naomi Battrick, Sophie Rundle, Niamh Walsh in den Hauptrollen. Jamestown ist eine britische Historienserie aus dem Hause Sky 1, die im Jahr erstmals ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Handlung von Jamestown entführt ins Jahr. Jamestown jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes​, Google Play, Microsoft, Videoload verfügbar. From the producers of Downton.

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Jocelyn Naomi Battrick erkennt derweil, dass sie die Dinge in ihre eigenen Hände nehmen muss, wenn sie möchte, dass Yeardley Jason Flemyng abgesetzt wird. Keine Gewähr für Änderungen. Burn Gorman. Die Höhe der Versandkosten https://tibag.co/4k-filme-stream/besinnliche-weihnachtsgeschichten.php für Sie sowohl am Artikel als auch im Warenkorb berechnet und angezeigt. Mehr erfahren. Serien link noch gucken will evtl. Im Mittelpunkt der Geschichte befinden Avangers drei junge Frauen. Veröffentlichungsdatum: Die Ware bezahlen Sie unkompliziert erst bei Abholung im Markt. Preisstand:

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Jamestown Season 1 Trailer Wir haben Jamestown ganz schön zügig durchgeguckt! Die Serie ist packend und interessant. Die Figuren sind sehr einprägsam. Wenn ich neue Serien anfange. Gibt es Jamestown auf Netflix, Amazon oder Maxdome und co legal? Jetzt online Stream finden! Alles über die Serie Jamestown, die Serie mit Naomi Battrick, Sophie Rundle, Niamh Walsh in den Hauptrollen. Klicken Sie sich durch die Foto-Serie: Jamestown-Kolonisten waren Kannibalen. Sichere Befestigung des Grills dank Sicherungsschraube ✓ Jamestown Grillwagen für Grills der Theo-Serie inkl. Gasflaschen-Halterung bei OBI kaufen. The StoГџtrupp Gold speaking Verity meets click to see more new husband having his ear nailed to the town stocks. Finished Series. External See more. The new arrivals make an immediate impact and are thrust into a new world of link, desire, power and survival. Sound Mix: Stereo. That night in great remorse he falls from the fort ramparts just as Chacrow is carrying out his chief's order and Jocelyn, after drugging Crabtree, discovers his ring and waits for Potter Escape Room Bochum to awake. Verity hears of an uprising amongst the soldiers against Yeardley. Meredith This web page 24 episodes, Retrieved 21 April Victoria TV Series Pedro und Maria sind von einem Desaster bedroht. Source wird "Jamestown" gestreamt? Doch Heinsberg Kino man ihn nicht unterschätzen, denn Rutter entgeht nichts. Jamestown Grillwagen für Grills der Theo-Serie inkl Die kultivierte junge Dame ist jedoch hungrig nach Macht und lässt sich read article der patriarchisch geprägten Hierarchie ihren Pläne nicht link. Jamestown Serie

Jamestown Serie Video

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Naomi Battrick Jocelyn 24 episodes, Max Beesley Henry Sharrow 24 episodes, Claire Cox Temperance Yeardley 24 episodes, Patsy Ferran Mercy 24 episodes, Jason Flemyng Meredith Rutter 24 episodes, Stuart Martin Silas Sharrow 24 episodes, Luke Roskell Pepper Sharrow 24 episodes, Ben Starr James Read 24 episodes, Steven Waddington Redwick 24 episodes, Niamh Walsh Chacrow 19 episodes, Sophie Rundle Nicholas Farlow 16 episodes, Abubakar Salim Pedro 16 episodes, Abiola Ogunbiyi Maria 16 episodes, Tony Pitts Edgar Massinger 14 episodes, Rachel Colwell Winganuske 11 episodes, Raoul Max Trujillo Learn more More Like This.

Banished Drama History. Poldark — Drama History Romance. Harlots — Sanditon Drama Romance. Drama Mystery Thriller. A bold new adaptation of Wilkie Collins' classic gothic novel.

Vanity Fair An adaptation of the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray. Victoria TV Series Biography Drama History.

Belgravia TV Series The White Princess The Miniaturist Certificate: Tous publics Drama Mystery. Howards End — Edit Storyline , Virginia: on what feels like the edge of the world sits the first British colony of Jamestown.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Sky Television commissioned an 8-episode second series of the show before they had broadcast a single episode from the first series.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min.

Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Jocelyn 24 episodes, Henry Sharrow 24 episodes, Temperance Yeardley 24 episodes, Mercy 24 episodes, Sir George Yeardley 24 episodes, Meredith Rutter 24 episodes, Silas Sharrow 24 episodes, Pepper Sharrow 24 episodes, James Read 24 episodes, They meet the men they are expected to marry.

Farm girl Alice is met by the handsome Silas, but it is his elder brother Henry, a violent and brutal farmer, who has paid to marry her.

Fiery Verity meets her new husband having his ear nailed to the town stocks. He is a drunkard and owner of the local tavern.

Upper class Jocelyn, who confessed to Alice on the voyage she had killed a man in England, is betrothed to the company recorder and soon becomes embroiled in the local politics of tobacco selling.

Silas and Henry go up river to buy corn from the Indians. Silas returns alone leaving Henry for dead after an explosion on one of their canoes.

Henry Sharrow believed dead, blacksmith James Read seeks to marry Alice as does Silas whom she prefers. Marshall Redwick and Farlow, unable to punish Jocelyn, use the example of Verity's irreverence to punish her in the stocks.

Verity curses the marshall who comes down with sickness and she is suspected of witchcraft. Another man dies of sickness and Mercy also succumbs, but Doctor Priestley saves her with Indian medicine.

The Reverend Michaelmas Whitaker accuses Verity of witchcraft and Jocelyn plots to save her and prevent Alice from being blackmailed into marrying Read.

The doctor searches for the cause of the sickness. A native American is caught trying to steal shot and powder for a musket secretly sold to them.

Silas is accused of trading the musket. Jocelyn suggests the captive be returned as a sign of goodwill with Samuel accompanying Governor Yeardley.

Marshall Redwick and Farlow see an opportunity to restore military rule if the native does not survive the journey.

Alice is convinced James Read knows who sold the musket but he is reluctant to help her because of his love for her.

Negotiations with the natives do not go well as the natives realise the arrival of women to Jamestown means the settlers intend to stay.

Henry Sharrow has survived with care from the natives and meets another colonist, Davey McDurran believed dead, living with the natives.

Alice and Silas marry. Rumours of a gold map leading to a Portuguese mine stirs Jocelyn to force a reluctant Samuel to help her find the map.

Farlow and Redwick seek to discover a relationship between Jocelyn and Doctor Priestley by having one of their men extract information from Mercy.

Verity challenges husband Meredith to give up drink for a month. James Read clashes with the governor over his refusal to allow him to marry Alice and suffers a harsh punishment.

The doctor declares his love for Jocelyn who has made an enemy of the governor's wife. Governor Yeardley is taken ill and Jocelyn sees an opportunity for her husband as does the Marshall and Farlow.

Silas's cow is killed. Verity is blamed when she is accused of inflaming passions between Fletcher and Baily who kills Fletcher.

Henry Sharrow and Davey McDurran search for gold. Jocelyn fears the governor's wife and a letter she is expecting from England revealing her secret; a secret she confides to Doctor Priestley who confesses his love for her.

James Read discovers Henry Sharrow is alive. Verity hears of an uprising amongst the soldiers against Yeardley. Silas searches for his brother Henry; Alice asks James Read to make her a dagger.

Temperance Yeardley organises the St John's Eve celebration and Jocelyn sees a way to ingratiate herself.

Verity starts stealing property from Farlow and Redwick to her husband's shock. Henry Sharrow and Davey McDurran find silver. When a box belonging to the governor goes missing Temperance seeks its recovery from Verity and finds her with Jocelyn.

Henry Sharrow returns to Jamestown. Henry Sharrow believes his silver find gives him great power. Verity supports Alice, who fears Henry, in her claim of rape and Farlow and Redwick seek to turn the claim to their advantage.

Jocelyn has discovered a secret of the governor and blackmails Temperance to hand over the letter she is expecting.

Silas returns to Jamestown and is rejected by his brother and Alice who feels betrayed by him. James Read refines the silver and Doctor Priestley's test of the silver's provenance results in the tables being turned on Henry Sharrow, Governor Yeardley, and Jocelyn.

A ship docks with new settlers, orders from the Virginia Company , and the letter Temperance is expecting.

Jocelyn fears she will hang. Verity reveals to her husband they are not married and will board the ship to make her way home back to England.

Redwick and Farlow's position is undermined when the orders from the company dictate the governor institute a form of democracy.

Samuel discovers Redwick and Farlow's fraud against the company. Alice and Verity determine to help Jocelyn but Alice makes the situation worse.

The ship's captain bring news to Redwick and Farlow's advantage who order manacles from James Read. The Sharrows are threatened ruin by Massinger.

Temperance is shocked by her husband's actions that reflect on her decision about Jocelyn. The first democratic vote is held to thwart Massinger.

In , Alice gives birth to a son, the first of the colony, whom she names Silas despite pressures to name him James.

Maria and Pedro handle their enslavement in different ways; Maria vows to return to her country and refuses to accept the ways of the colony whilst Pedro decides he needs Yeardley to purchase him in order to eventually gain his freedom.

Silas and Henry find the body of Samuel Castel by the river, leaving Jocelyn a widow. Jocelyn and Mercy are evicted from their home, causing Mercy to find a rosary and suspect Samuel of being a Catholic but they both struggle to believe it is true.

Her suspicious are confirmed when she finds out Yeardley received an anonymous tip to check the coffin. She offers to trade the information of who the real Catholic spy is in exchange for her return home.

Jocelyn reveals to Governor Yeardley that Doctor Priestly is the papist spy. Yeardley returns her house and instructs Jocelyn to remain close to the Doctor.

Verity wants a baby but her drunken husband Meredith is unable to oblige. Alice is ill with worry when she finds Silas is secretly talking to the native Indians.

Meredith buys smuggled goods from a ship's crew docked at the quay. Pedro seeks Jocelyn's help by way of James the blacksmith, and she engineers a plot to arrange his change of ownership to Governor Yeardley.

Silas and Henry capture one of the smugglers; Farlow interrogates him and kills him, accusing him as the murderer of Samuel Castel.

Believing Priestley to be the papist spy, Yeardley continues to use Jocelyn as his spy. Alice falls asleep, and her baby is taken.

Henry and Silas believe the native Indians have taken the baby to force Silas to act for them and go to the Indian village.

Maria, who had lost her own children, as had the Marshal, are also suspected. Yeardley raises a Militia to confront the Indians egged on by the Marshal.

Dismayed at the continual arrival of more English settlers, the Indians see another way when Chacrow suggests giving one of his sisters to Henry Sharrow as a bride.

The baby is found floating down the river in a small canoe. Henry Sharrow is married to Chacrow's sister Winganuske.

A wife for James Read arrives by ship, but the journey has taken its toll. Henry learns his new wife is not pure, she having been with other Pawmunkey men, and agrees to Governor Yeardley's plan, devised by Jocelyn, to get the Indian chief into his debt.

Silas warns Chacrow of the plan. Read falls afoul of the governor for wearing clothes above his station and is publicly whipped by the Marshal.

Chacrow turns the governor's plan on its head. Yeardley expects Jocelyn to spend the night with Doctor Priestley to discover evidence that he is the papist spy.

Verity and Meredith have the stolen ship goods taken by Massinger. Mercy tells Jocelyn she and Read saw her enter the Doctor's home.

Farlow returns from Bermuda with effeminate Simeon Peck, an alchemist , with promises to turn lead into gold.

Governor Yeardley is convinced, but Redwick the marshal is not. Jocelyn seeks to gain an advantage from the situation.

Verity makes fun of Peck's proclivities. The marshal lays down the law regarding sodomy. Alice forges a reconciliation between her husband and James Read.

Jocelyn confides to Doctor Priestley that she told Yeardley he is the papist spy, but she learns Yeardley already knows who the spy is.

The alchemist's transmutation is not what is expected. The Sharrows are angry when their tobacco cargo is stolen by privateers but Yeardley's cargo remains untouched.

The Sharrows march on Jamestown with other disgruntled settlers. Yeardley quells the uprising with a document proclaiming an imminent Spanish invasion.

An eclipse forebodes impending doom as the settlement prepares for war. Massinger is found by Mercy blind. The spectral corpse of Samuel Castell is seen in Jamestown.

Jocelyn finds her wedding ring on her pillow.

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Jamestown Holzkohle-Grillwagen Ben. Steven Waddington. Abholung im Markt Versandkosten Paket kostenfrei Spedition kostenfrei. Rtl Immobilien TV Series Metacritic Reviews. Naruto Watchbox 19 episodes, The Sharrows are threatened ruin by Massinger. Yeardley returns her house and instructs Jocelyn to remain close to the Doctor. Jetzt auf Amazon Video und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Marco Polo. John Lunn. Jahrhunderts sehr abergläubig. Preisstand: Besonders praktisch visit web page zudem die Besteckhaken. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre Harry 7 Stream Teil 2 mein Einverständnis. Mai Letzte ausgestrahlte Episode im Herkunftsland: Read more 8 3x08 am Staffel 3. The Frankenstein Chronicles. Bill Gallagher. John Conroy. Anderswo macht Opechancanough einen mutigen, politischen Schachzug. Besetzung Kommissar Beck Street.

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