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In the third season premiere, Kevin Garvey (JUSTIN THEROUX) returns to his role as Chief of Police, three years after Miracle, Texas was overrun by the Guilty​. Diese Woche gibt es eine neue Folge von The Leftovers. (18) Seasons​ Diese Woche gibt es eine neue What We Do in the Shadows Season 1. Staffel 3[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Gewonnen: Gold Derby TV Awards – Beste Drama-Episode – „Das Buch Nora“; TCA Awards. 1,59 Mio. 6, 6, Gast, Guest, 3. Aug. , Nov. , Carl Franklin, Damon Lindelof & Kath Lingenfelter. Alle Episoden The Leftovers Staffel 3 findest Du hier: Liste der The-Leftovers-​Episoden der dritten Staffel. Das Buch Kevin (The Book of Kevin). Staffel 3 Episode.

The Leftovers Season 3

Staffel 3[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Gewonnen: Gold Derby TV Awards – Beste Drama-Episode – „Das Buch Nora“; TCA Awards. Alle Episoden The Leftovers Staffel 3 findest Du hier: Liste der The-Leftovers-​Episoden der dritten Staffel. Das Buch Kevin (The Book of Kevin). Staffel 3 Episode. In the third and final season of the series, one family tries to cope with the long-​term aftermath of “The Departure”. Episodenführer Season 3 – In einem Dorf im Jahrhundert wartet eine Familie auf den Tag der biblischen „Entrückung“ – doch die Prophezeiung . In the third and final season of the series, one family tries to cope with the long-​term aftermath of “The Departure”. Die DVD The Leftovers Season (UK Import) jetzt portofrei für 44,99 Euro kaufen. Im Auftakt der 3. Staffel nimmt Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) seine Rolle als The Leftovers, Season 2. The Leftovers, Staffel 1. The Leftovers.

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The Leftovers S03E03 Ending Scene - Kevin Sr. and Grace CLIP While some scenes take place in Mapleton, New York the first season's setting and other locations, the majority of the season takes place in Jarden, Texasrenamed "Miracle" after it was discovered that no one from the town departed. After discovering that her departed husband was having an affair, she decides Jessica Ginkel file for divorce. Kevin tags along with Nora to Australia and it all goes down under from. Season 3 retains the opening from Season 2 but several episodes contain a Lost In La Mancha theme song. Returning to Miracle, they come upon a man and Rosario + Vampire young son with car trouble. Archived from the original on November 30, Once they reach the visitor center, they learn that the house they had leased online had burned . Retrieved June 22, Retrieved September 11, Your browser does not support the video tag. Nora visits Matt for reassurance that Miracle is safe from the Departure, leading Matt to recount that faith in Miracle began the night he and Mary first arrived, when Mary temporarily awoke from her coma. Laurie has become consumed with writing a tell-all book about her experiences in the GR which she hopes will Throns Staffel Of 5 Game the GR. Archived click at this page the original on October 23, He returns home and encounters a furious John, who has discovered that the handprint found on the girls' car belonged to Kevin. Die deutsche Erstausstrahlung fand am In Melbourne treten die Wissenschaftler mit Nora in Kontakt, wo sie medizinisch untersucht wird und eine Frage beantworten muss, bei der click jedoch durchfällt. Oktober verschwunden sind. Das vermeintlich sichere Jarden, das Kevin und Nora für ihre neue Familie ausgewählt haben, weckt in Nora ihre alten Ängste wieder. Nach dem er einen Schlangenbiss überlebt, wird er auf der Farm von Grace Skyfall Kinox versorgt, auf der eine Arche gebaut wird. Sie suchte daraufhin den Erfinder der Maschine auf und bat ihn die gleiche Maschine zu Vox Kelly Family Doku, um wieder zurückkehren zu können. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Kevin stempelt die Aussagen zwar als Schwachsinn ab, dennoch würde er seiner Bestimmung nicht well Voxtours nice können, sagt sein Vater. The Leftovers. Grey's Anatomy, Staffel The Leftovers Staffel 3 Episodenguide. Oktober nach einem Autounfall im Wachkoma liegt. April bis 4. Juni auf HBO ausgestrahlt wurde. Kurz darauf bekommt Nora einen verstörenden Anruf. The Leftovers Season 3

S3, Ep3. With the clock ticking towards the anniversary of the Departure and emboldened by a vision that is either divine prophecy or utter insanity, Kevin Garvey, Sr.

S3, Ep4. Kevin and Nora travel to Australia, where she continues to track down the masterminds of an elaborate con, while he catches a glimpse of an unexpected face from the past, forcing him to confront the traumatic events of three years earlier.

S3, Ep5. Convinced it is Kevin's destiny to be in Miracle for the coming seventh anniversary of the Departure, Matt Jamison impulsively heads to Australia in an effort to bring Kevin home.

S3, Ep6. Laurie Garvey, a former therapist, must become one again as she heads to Australia to help Nora and Kevin along their paths. S3, Ep7.

On a mission of mercy, Kevin assumes an alternate identity. S3, Ep8. Nora wishes to step into Dr. Eden and Dr. Bekker's machine.

But, what are the consequences? See also TV Schedule. Meg has been living in the GR's pledge house for several weeks and is frustrated by how long it is taking her to become a member.

Matt faces dwindling church attendance and abuse from the townspeople as he continues to preach his belief that the Departure was not the Rapture and that the people who departed had committed many sins.

Matt returns home to care for his wife Mary who has been in a persistent vegetative state since a car accident during the Departure and receives an apparent sign from God, remembering that Kevin Sr.

Matt retrieves the money, goes to the Indian Casino and bets it in a game of roulette. Matt wins the game and earns enough money to buy back his church.

Upon returning to Mapleton, Matt is knocked unconscious by a group of people throwing stones at members of the GR. When he awakens in a hospital, he is devastated to discover that several days have passed and has missed the foreclosure date.

The buyer of his church is revealed to be the GR. Lesli Linka Glatter Carl Franklin. As Christmas approaches, the baby Jesus from Mapleton's nativity display goes missing.

The town's mayor announces that Kevin will find the baby Jesus, while she secretly tasks Kevin with simply buying a new one and roughing it up to appear lost.

Kevin suspects that Jill and Aimee along with their friends Adam and Scott Frost stole the baby Jesus, and his suspicions are proven correct when the baby Jesus appears on his doorstep.

However, to Kevin's surprise, Matt has already replaced the baby Jesus with another doll. Tom and Christine have been on the run for several weeks and have had no contact from Wayne, much to Tom's anger.

After Christine is attacked by a man, Tom takes her to the hospital. They are forced to flee after the hospital staff assume Tom has abused her and call the police.

Kevin visits the GR's houses and tells them to leave the townspeople alone over Christmas and says that he cannot protect them if they choose to provoke people.

During the town's Christmas dance, Kevin meets Nora and the two realize they went to the same high school.

The GR break into houses across town and steal photos of people who departed. Laurie visits Kevin and hands him divorce papers, and receives a lighter as a gift from Jill.

Following the GR's theft of photos of the departed, the sentiment against them reaches new heights. Gladys, one of the GR's most loyal members, is brutally stoned to death by a group of unseen assailants.

Kevin visits the GR's houses, angrily reminds them that he warned them not to provoke the town. Patti Levin, the leader of the GR, takes Laurie to a diner, gives her regular clothes to wear and tells her she can speak normally.

Laurie wears the clothes but refuses to speak, believing Patti is testing her loyalty to the GR. Kevin attempts to lead an investigation into Gladys' murder, but finds that no one in the Mapleton Police Department is interested in investigating it because Gladys was in the GR.

Kevin attempts to retrieve the body and in doing so discovers that ATFEC has offered to wipe out the GR in Mapleton, as it has done with similar cults across the country.

Kevin declines the offer; however Gladys' body is incinerated without any investigation. Nora instructs an escort to shoot her while she wears a ballistic vest.

After discovering that her departed husband was having an affair, she decides to file for divorce.

At the courthouse, she encounters Kevin also filing for divorce and they have an awkward encounter. Nora discovers that her lanyard has been stolen by a woman who is impersonating her.

She wanders the hotel, finding an exotic party where she becomes intoxicated and makes out with a Departure replica of a salesman who makes advances toward her.

Nora encounters Patrick Johansen, a man who lost seven members of his family in the Departure and wrote a bestselling book explaining how he moved on, who Nora accuses of being a fraud.

She claims that anyone who really lost their entire family would know that moving on is impossible.

An associate of Holy Wayne who is hiding in New York overhears their conversation and invites Nora to meet Wayne, who explains her obsession with pain and then hugs her, seemingly purging her anxieties.

When she returns home to Mapleton, Kevin arrives and asks her out on a date, to which she happily agrees.

Jill is locked in a refrigerator by Aimee and the Frost twins as a part of dare honoring the legacy of a local resident who departed from inside the fridge.

Jill panics when the others are unable to open the door until, to everyone's surprise, Kevin Sr. Wayne contacts Tom and instructs him to tape money to the bottom of a mailbox.

Tom does so and watches the mailbox, following a man who takes the money to a house. Tom discovers that the man is another of Wayne's disciples who is also caring for a pregnant Asian girl, leading him to further question his loyalty to Wayne.

When he returns to Christine, he is shocked to learn that her baby has been born. After learning that he has escaped the hospital, Kevin tracks down his father, who has been hearing voices since the Departure.

Michelle MacLaren. The GR receive a delivery of a large quantity of Departure replicas and dress them at Patti's behest, implying they are planning a protest.

Kevin invites Nora over for dinner with Jill and Aimee, leading to an awkward situation when Jill confronts Nora about her gun and Nora claims to have gotten rid of it, and allows Jill to look through Nora's purse to confirm that it contains no gun.

That night, Kevin falls asleep and awakens hours later in his car without any recollection of how he got there. To his horror, he discovers he is in a forest near Cairo, New York , and he and Dean have apparently kidnapped and brutally beaten Patti.

After Kevin tries to release Patti, Dean leaves and claims that Kevin has changed implying the pair have met many times previously that Kevin cannot remember.

Patti speaks candidly to Kevin about the GR and their motives and tries to persuade him to kill her. When he refuses, and decides to release her and face the consequences, she commits suicide by slitting her own throat.

Jill and Aimee have a falling out after Jill obsesses over her belief that Nora is lying about the gun, and accuses Aimee of having sex with Kevin, leading to Aimee moving out of the Garvey house and Jill joining the GR.

Daniel Sackheim. A flashback reveals what transpired during the days leading up to the Departure. A surprise party is planned for Kevin Sr.

Laurie is revealed to be a psychiatrist and Patti, her patient and noticeably timid compared to her future self as cult leader , senses an upcoming apocalyptic event, which Laurie dismisses as anxiety caused by spousal abuse.

Tom, revealed to be Kevin's stepson, has a violent confrontation with his biological father, who Kevin at this time still a police officer then attacks.

Kevin notices a series of strange occurrences around the town, including a manhole cover exploding and a deer that is wreaking havoc.

Jill, much happier and more well-adjusted than she is in the present, prepares for a science fair. Nora interviews for a job working on the election campaign for councilwoman and future Mayor Lucy Warburton.

Kevin pursues the deer and chases it to a house where it flees and is hit by a car. The driver is an attractive woman who invites him to her hotel room.

During the Departure, Kevin is in mid-coitus with the woman when she disappears; Nora snaps at her family right before they disappear; Jill and Tommy form a circuit at the science fair when one child in the circle disappears; Laurie, who is revealed to be pregnant, has an ultrasound and witnesses the disappearance of her unborn child.

Matt, who Kevin has called for help following Patti's suicide, helps Kevin bury Patti's body. The GR are revealed to have made life-like replicas of the departed townspeople and placed them in the locations where they departed from.

Laurie worries that their latest protest will anger the townspeople and asks Jill to go home. Tom is horrified when Christine abandons her newborn baby in a public restroom and leaves.

En route to Mapleton, Matt and Kevin have lunch in a diner and Kevin tearfully admits that he wants his family to reunite.

In the bathroom, Kevin encounters a mortally-wounded Wayne who dies after granting Kevin a mysterious, unspoken wish.

Kevin later hallucinates a conversation with Patti. After learning from Laurie, who finally speaks, that Jill is in one of the houses, Kevin saves her from the flames.

Tom arrives back in Mapleton with the baby and finds Laurie. Nora, believing that it is best for her to leave town, writes a letter to Kevin but finds Christine's baby on his doorstep.

Kevin and Jill arrive back at the house to find Nora with the baby in her arms. In prehistoric times, the pregnant sole survivor of an earthquake that killed her tribe dies from a snake bite shortly after giving birth.

A woman from a nearby tribe comes across the dead woman's body with a newborn baby in her arms, and takes the baby. In the present, the fourth anniversary of the Departure approaches.

Jarden, Texas, now known as "Miracle," has become a tourist destination after it was discovered that no one from the town departed.

Matt has moved to Miracle with Mary to become its temporary pastor while the regular pastor undergoes surgery, and meets town staples the Murphy family: father John, a firefighter who firmly denies that Miracle is special; mother Erika, a nurse suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss; daughter Evie, who suffers from epilepsy; and son Michael, who is a lector at the local church and who secretly visits his grandfather Virgil whom his parents have disowned.

John burns down the house of a local fortune-teller, along with several other firefighters, after the fortune-teller predicted a disastrous event in John's future.

That night, an earthquake hits Miracle and the Murphys discover that Evie and two of her friends have gone missing.

John and Michael go looking for them and find their car, still running, abandoned by a lake. They discover that the water in the lake has also mysteriously vanished.

A flashback reveals how the Garveys decided to move to Miracle. Several weeks after the attack on the GR's houses, Kevin is in the midst of a crisis of conscience over his role in Patti's death.

He returns to Cairo, exhumes her body and, while driving back to Mapleton, purposely speeds past a New York State Police car.

When pulled over, he informs the trooper that he has a dead body in his truck bed, and is taken in for questioning.

He is quickly released after the investigating ATFEC officer learns from Kevin that he was the chief of police of Mapleton, and that Patti's death was a suicide.

Kevin later hallucinates a conversation with Patti in his car. Similarly, Kevin makes a proposal to Nora and Jill to leave town, which they accept.

They all relocate to Jarden, Texas with the recently-adopted Lily. There is a camp just outside the town for people who attempted to move to Miracle but were denied entry.

Once they reach the visitor center, they learn that the house they had leased online had burned down. They also discover they must surrender their dog to the National Park Service to be quarantined for 60 days.

Shortly after their arrival, Kevin's visions of Patti grow more intense. That night, Kevin awakens at the bottom of the drained lake with a cinder block tied to his ankle, just a few feet away from where the three girls' car has been abandoned.

As he stares inside the empty vehicle, engine still running and radio blaring, he sees another vehicle approach.

He quickly hides in the lakebed, and sees John and Michael exit the vehicle, frantically searching for Evie.

Laurie, who has resumed her former role as therapist, runs a support group for former GR members and Tom moves from town to town infiltrating the many GR factions to identify the most disillusioned members and helps these individuals to escape and join his mother's support group.

Laurie has been suppressing many of her feelings about abandoning her family and joining the GR, and intentionally hits two GR members with her car when she sees them staking out a house.

Laurie has become consumed with writing a tell-all book about her experiences in the GR which she hopes will decimate the GR. Before meeting with a book publisher, she learns that a woman in her support group killed herself and her family, leading Laurie to attack the publisher after he suggests making sentimental edits to the book.

While attempting to help a GR member join the support group, Tom is beaten, raped by Meg and nearly lit on fire by other GR members.

He returns home and questions his mother's motive for involving him in her anti-GR efforts. The night of the earthquake in Miracle, Nora awakens to find Kevin missing and learns that the girls have disappeared.

She fears another Departure has occurred before Kevin returns to the house, explaining he woke up at the bottom of the lake but cannot remember how he got there.

They agree that Kevin should remain silent concerning his proximity to the girls. He joins the search party, with the ulterior motive of finding his missing phone.

John mentions to Kevin that a handprint was found on the girls' car, which Kevin secretly fears might be his own. John takes out his grief at Evie's disappearance on Isaac, a psychic who John despises due to his belief that Miracle is special.

John tries to kill Isaac with a baseball bat, but Isaac shoots John in self-defence. Erika stitches John up and confesses to Kevin that John wasn't a violent man before the Departure and assures him that Miracle is special, contrary to John's claims.

Nora visits Matt for reassurance that Miracle is safe from the Departure, leading Matt to recount that his faith in Miracle began the night he and Mary first arrived, when Mary temporarily awoke from her coma.

Patti tells Kevin he tried to kill himself the night before but was stopped by divine intervention. Nora insists on handcuffing herself to Kevin while they sleep.

Nicole Kassell. Since Mary's temporary recovery, Matt has been duplicating the circumstances of that day to no avail.

Returning to Miracle, they come upon a man and his young son with car trouble. Matt stops to assist, and the man assaults him and steals both of their wristbands, allowing access to the exclusive town.

Mary seemingly awakens for an instant and proclaims that the baby will die if she doesn't get back to Miracle.

Lacking their wristbands, they are refused entry to Miracle. John refuses to sponsor them, believing that Mary's pregnancy is not miraculous in nature and that Matt had sex with her while she was comatose.

Nora and Kevin attempt to sneak them in, but they find the dead body of the wristband thief with his son quivering nearby. He tells John to take care of the boy and proclaims that he will not enter Miracle again until he can prove that Mary's pregnancy is miraculous.

Matt goes to the refugee camp and displays an act of endearment. In the four years since the Departure, the DSD has developed a theory relating to "Lenses": a "Lens" is someone who was in close proximity to a large number of people who departed at the moment of the Departure and is classified as being a risk for those around them departing if there were to be another Departure.

A scientist comes to Miracle, believing Nora to be a Lens given that all of her family departed while she was near them and that Evie and her friends supposedly departed the same night she moved to Miracle.

Nora is at first offended by the insinuation, then amused after learning that their theory is based on mystical and religious beliefs.

During a fundraiser for the missing girls, Erika loses her temper and claims that Miracle is not special and that the girls departed. Nora and Erika later have a candid conversation about their departed children, during which Erika admits that she wanted to leave John and believes that this was responsible for Evie's disappearance.

Kevin's conversations with Patti continue to grow in intensity, leading him to tell a horrified Nora about them. This upsets Jill, who assumes that Kevin has ruined his relationship with Nora just as he did his marriage to Laurie.

Kevin asks Patti what she wants from him, to which she says she doesn't know. Michael witnesses this and tells Kevin that his grandfather Virgil can help him get rid of his problem.

Kevin learns that he met Virgil before — the night he moved to Miracle — and that they have already discussed his conversations with Patti an encounter Kevin cannot remember.

Virgil reveals that Patti is Kevin's 'adversary' and that he must 'vanquish' her by killing himself and defeating her in the realm of the undead.

Kevin realizes that Virgil already told him this information and that he already tried to kill himself and was foiled by a miraculous earthquake draining the lake he had jumped into.

Laurie has arrived in Miracle, claiming that Tom has run away, and inadvertently convinces Kevin to carry through with Virgil's plan after realizing that he is becoming psychotic.

Kevin returns to Virgil and, despite Patti's protests, kills himself by drinking poison. Rather than administering an antidote as promised, Virgil shoots himself in the face.

Kevin awakens into the realm of the undead: a hotel full of people who either believe it to be real and are unaware that they are dead or are on a mission to vanquish their adversaries.

Kevin is an assassin tasked with assassinating presidential nominee Patti Levin. Kevin saves a little girl from drowning in the pool and discovers that Mary who is able-bodied in this world is staying at the hotel.

He has a conversation with Kevin Sr. Kevin poses as a donor in order to kill Patti, but discovers she is just a decoy and not the real Patti Levin.

Kevin realizes that the little girl's father is Patti's ex-husband Neil and that the little girl is the representation of Patti in this world.

The girl agrees to go with Kevin to an ancient water well, despite knowing that Kevin will kill her. On the way, they encounter a mystery man who warns Kevin that he won't be the same after killing Patti.

Begrudgingly, Kevin pushes Patti into the well. An adult Patti asks for help and Kevin gets in the well.

Patti tells him how she won enough money on Jeopardy! Kevin holds Patti, then drowns her and returns to the world of the living.

A flashback reveals Meg's backstory. On the day before the Departure, her mother dies, leading her to feel that her ability to grieve was robbed from her.

In the present, Meg grows tired of the GR's passive protests and implies that she is planning a more violent attack. Tom grows tired of Laurie's anti-GR efforts, believing that they have failed to convert even a single person, and goes to a GR house, demanding to see Meg.

Laurie heads to Miracle in search of Tom, while Meg invites Tom to come with her to Miracle on a self-proclaimed mission of a lifetime.

Meg jokingly reveals that she raped Tom because she wanted to get him pregnant. After ordering to have a man who stumbled onto the GR base near Miracle stoned, Meg visits the camp and encounters Matt.

Although she claims to just be visiting Miracle, Matt is suspicious of Meg's intentions and believes she may be planning something for the fourth anniversary of the Departure.

Tom discovers the missing girls in a trailer, revealing that they faked their departure and joined the GR.

On the night the girls faked their disappearance, Kevin jumps into the lake with a cinderblock tied to his ankle.

In the present, Kevin unearths himself from the ground where Michael buried him after his death. He returns home and encounters a furious John, who has discovered that the handprint found on the girls' car belonged to Kevin.

Kevin, having recalled his memories of that night, explains that Evie faked her departure, but John shoots him.

Another earthquake hits Miracle and Mary awakens, leading Nora to take her to Matt. Meg and Evie initiate the GR's plan: a bomb to destroy the bridge into Miracle.

Laurie Garvey ist Kevins Ehefrau und arbeitete vor dem Jarden ist der einzige Ort, an Sex 18 am Nachdem er die unglaublichen Ereignisse überwunden zu haben scheint, die zu seiner Auferstehung führten, hat er alle Hände voll click to see more tun im siebten Jahr der Sudden Departure, glauben doch viele, dass ein weiteres Ard Wm Stream Ereignis Seine Freundin Nora Carrie Coon untersucht unterdessen eine Organisation, die vorgibt, Hinterbliebene zu ihren verschwundenen Angehörigen schicken zu können. Nora Carrie Coon versucht erneut, zu ihren verschwundenen Kindern zu gelangen. Bei der Aussprache mit dem vermeintlichen Gott wird Matt klar, dass er sein ganzes Leben sich selbst geopfert hat und jetzt die Krebserkrankung seiner Kindheit zurückgekehrt ist. Kevin Visit web page.

While Theroux certainly has one of the tougher jobs on the show, and delivers tremendous work as Kevin Garvey—a man who is either A.

Mentally ill, B. Literally incapable of dying C. A genuine Jesus figure or D. Just when you think you have Nora pegged down, or know her emotional state, Coon takes the character to fascinating places in this final season that are tremendously upsetting and yet completely understandable.

While the season begins in Jarden, the action eventually moves to Australia, and it must be pointed out that director Mimi Leder is as much a vital part of The Leftovers DNA as Lindelof.

The Leftovers — Season: 1 2 3. S3, Ep1. Error: please try again. Three years have passed since the GR invaded Miracle. Kevin works as a cop again.

Rumors rise that the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure will bring an apocalyptic catastrophe. S3, Ep2. Nora travels to St.

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